Referral scheme


This scheme is put in place for any successful Client or Candidate Referral to the ‘Agency’, Chace People Limited, via the ‘Referrer’.



A successful Client Referral is deemed as an introduction for the Agency to a Client via the Referrer and if we successfully fill the job.


A successful Candidate Referral is deemed as an introduction for the Agency to a Candidate via the Referrer which consequently we place that candidate in a job.


Referral award


The referral award is limited to £250 equivalent of vouchers per client and £250 equivalent vouchers per candidate and will be paid to the Referrer once the placement fee monies have been received by the Agency.


This scheme is based on new Client and Candidate referrals and will not be awarded whereby the Agency is already connected with said introduction, or whereby the Agency establishes their own relevant contact via a different source. 


You will not be considered to have made a referral where:


  • You refer a Candidate or a Client who is already engaged (in any manner including via an umbrella company or a limited company) by Chace People Limited;
  • The Candidate is already on Our Candidate database at the date that the referral is made;
  • We have already received the Candidate’s current contact information from another source within 12 months prior to Your referral.


The referral scheme for Client and Candidate introductions will be awarded on any successful placements made within the first 12 months that the Agency engages the Client or the Candidate. 



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