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The Chace People Rec Tech Revolution

Our industry is ready for a change.
Chace People is that change.

ChaceVideo - First Interviews on autopilot

Introducing the Chace People video platform, reducing costly first interviews where you can see the real person behind each CV wherever, whenever.


Integrated with your ChaceList we’ve created a ‘first impression’ video interview for you to watch back before you choose to progress to first interviews. With no large files to download and being optimised with mobile, tablet and desktop, you’ll thank us for it! 

Introducing your ChaceList - Emailing CVs is so old school

We believe that to find the best talent for our Client’s unique roles, we need to go beyond the traditional pen to paper methods. We believe that you deserve to access the best showcase of our Candidates, at your fingertips, in the most effective way possible. 


ChaceList gives our Clients access to an interactive dashboard with Candidate profiles, bespoke video interviews, supporting documents, ratings and more. All accessed via an optional password protected link, with our values of discretion and integrity at the forefront.

The ChaceList is a collaborative Client and Consultant portal to help us manage the shortlisting-to-hire process efficiently and transparently. From the point of you reviewing and rating Candidates to us managing your interviews, we’ve got you covered. Saving you time and resources. 

We're mobile optimised for the way we all work today. Our Consultants can meet with you wherever you are; on your phone with instant access in a secure and compliant space.

ChacePortal - where everything comes together

An interactive dashboard with Candidate profiles, videos, documents, ratings and more. A place where you can schedule interviews, feedback and make an offer from the click of a button.

ChaceVideo - First Interviews on autopilot

Chace People have engaged the best kept secret in search. We work with the best tech stack in our industry which enables our Consultants to drill down into our database by skills, job titles, industries, availability and more. No more guesswork.


Using smart AI and automatching, our database can unearth suitable Candidates for your unique jobs’ criteria in seconds. Leaving our Consultants to focus their time on what they do best: making placements.

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