choose chace people to find the best Chauffeur or Private Driver for you


The role of private drivers and chauffeurs is not limited to driving, along with the care and maintenance of the vehicle. 


you may want your chauffeur to be more flexible. their responsibilities could include duties such as; basic household maintenance, gardening, running errands, and ‘handy person’ tasks. 


some of our clients require more support from their chauffeurs and chace people has a wide network of the best talent in this field.


our drivers, who are all thoroughly vetted and reference checked can:


  • have advanced driving skills
  • keep an eye on possible security breaches
  • have an army/police background
  • be trained in risk assessment

based in London, chace people works across the UK and internationally. we will find you the   best Chauffeur or private driver for your needs.


call us to find out more about how our expert team can support you and we will be happy to assist with this integral search.



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