let us bring the best nanny/manny to your household


chace people specialises in supplying childcare professionals with families in the UK and all over the world. we place qualified nannies and mannies to suit our clients’ needs, whether it’s a norland trained nanny, or montessori training which suits your family dynamic best, chace people have you covered. we take pride in our candidates who are responsible for the educational and social development of your children, as well as their happiness and wellbeing.


nannies and mannies are typically responsible for the following tasks:


  • educational activities 
  • extracurricular activities
  • developmental activities
  • foreign language teaching
  • homework support
  • ensuring the cleanliness of the children’s rooms
  • meal preparation for the children
  • driving the children to and from school
  • laundry for the children


hiring and selecting a nanny or manny to come into your home and have the daily responsibility for your children's wellbeing is a big decision. a good nanny or manny will provide your children with customised and personalised care. you can expect that your children will be taken care of by a professional who will meet their physical, emotional, social and intellectual needs. with a chace people nanny or manny you can rest assured that your child is in safe hands. 


chace people hand-picks experienced, qualified nannies and mannies. each professional is well educated and DBS and reference checked.


reach out to us to discuss your needs and we look forward to working with you to find the perfect mary poppins for your home!



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