why references are important for a new role

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why references are important for a new role

when dealing with a recruitment consultant having a good cv and registration meeting are important, but recruiters say that they can take away 21% of their candidates after speaking to their professional references.


so why are references so important and how can you make sure that your references will help you with a job? let us help….



why are they so important?


A reference validates what the candidate is actually like and can help an employer to see if they will slot in with the company’s culture and values.


If you have a good relationship with your past employer it shows that you could have a good relationship with your next.



how to pick the right reference?


Choose Wisely

It is important to pick a person who worked with you a lot in your previous role and understands your work ethic, so they can rely this properly to your new employer.


Check Beforehand

Let your referee know that you are putting their details down; they may not be as forthcoming or as positive as they could be if they are surprised by someone contacting them.


Think outside the box

If you are applying to lots of roles and your previous employer is getting contacted a lot because of this, then think of someone in the work place who is still above you and who you can trust, who could also give you a great reference as an alternative. Then keep your boss for the best of the roles!


Give Thanks

Make sure that you personally thank your referees for their time. They are saying lots of nice words about you, so be appreciative of that.

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