what is the purpose of a cover letter

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what is the purpose of a cover letter

when recruiters only look at your cv for 6 seconds it can be frustrating, especially when you put in so much time and effort to tailor a letter for each role.


cover letters are another factor which can sometimes get over looked, but they are an important part of a job application.


The cover letter is a great way for the employer to learn more about you and to gain an insight as to why you are applying for their job.

The Cover letter can also help you elaborate more on what you couldn’t say in your CV.

Cover letters are also important because they can help give you the edge on other candidates. If your CV has similar credentials to another candidate, having a cover letter will help you stand out from the crowd.

Research shows that 45% of job seekers skip the cover letter altogether. This means that if you write one, you are one step ahead of almost half of your competition.

With that being said, there are some rules that you should apply to make your cover letter all the greater:



1. it should be no more than half, to a full a4 page


Don’t make your cover letter too long. You can be more explanatory on the cover letter compared to your CV, but still keep it succinct and to the point.



2. research the company and apply it to the role you are applying to


Make sure that what your writing aligns with the company communications. Make sure you research their website and tailor it to the specific role they are recruiting for.



3. use a template


If you don’t know how to style your Cover Letter, there are so many free templates online. We’ve listed a few for you to check out here:






4. use bullet points to draw attention to key points


Make it easy for the recruiter or employer to find the important parts by drawing them to the key points. Visualisation is key here, rather than being too wordy.


Good luck and make sure you’re following us on social to keep up with our tips and insights to help you secure your next role!

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