the importance of domestic couples in the household

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the importance of domestic couples in the household

continuing with our private household series and we’re delving into the importance that domestic couples play…


who are domestic couples?


Hiring a couple for a large private household or estate is usually a really critical placement for any private client; these employees are often so versatile and exceptionally loyal meaning they will evolve with a family over time.



They offer the advantage of being close enough to work well as a team; the majority being married or long-term couples and so will support one another as well as the family. The roles of domestic couples can vary and may range from simple household duties, to overseeing larger projects and managing events. A good domestic couple will be flexible and willing to learn and continually adjust to the employers’ needs.



Typically one of the couple will be a strong housekeeper/cook. They may also have additional childcare or nanny/manny skills and may be experienced with front of house and events service.


The second half of the couple will generally be more focused on the external parts of the property; gardening, DIY, maintenance, security, chauffeuring and so on. This person could also include front of house service skills for the interior such as; butlering, silver service and events.


so, what are the advantages of a domestic couple?


The advantage of a Domestic Couple is that often they will cross-over and compliment one another with their breadth of skills. They will usually be used to working and living together, so they will support each other in everything that is set to them. For example, if it is a large property that requires a large amount of housework both will cover housekeeping and cleaning. In larger estate settings, perhaps where there are vast grounds to cover, then both individuals may be tasked to focus on the land, or with animal maintenance. It really depends on the property and the needs of the employer and thus the benefit of a couple is having two pairs of hands rather than one to oversee such activities.


Because of the versatility that the the Domestic Couple can offer, they are hugely sought after in the private household sector and this can be a lucrative career choice which will offer value for both yourselves and for your future employer. If you are part of a couple who work separately currently, but with the aforementioned skills which you could bring together, then this career is definitely something to think about!

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