jobs after covid

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jobs after covid

as we make our way through 2020, here at fhace people we’re reflecting on the year and how it has taken a toll on the job market. 


there has been a surge in unemployment and the current uk unemployment rate is now 3.9%*


So what does this mean for hiring? 

More opportunities are becoming available in private households/estates and within the private service sector, so if you are a PA or hospitality professional looking to make a transition, or working within the sector already and looking for your next challenge, now is the time to be productive and get your CV together!

Virtual jobs are becoming more and more the norm as business is picking up, but with concerns still afloat this is hindering workers getting back to the office, so if you’re willing to work from home, finding a virtual job is a great way to get a new position and to start something new. 

Talk to a recruiter to discuss the jobs that are available right now. A good recruiter will be able to recognise a great CV and will be able to advise you accordingly and help you with your next job. Perhaps thinking outside of the box and helping you get creative!

Think about your transferable skills and how you can adapt this to jobs that are available right now. A good recruiter will help with your CV writing and will give you the right encouragement to make your profile desirable.

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