how to successfully start a job remotely

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how to successfully start a job remotely

it can be difficult to start a role in these unprecedented times, so being prepared for a new way of starting a position is very helpful, so you have real expectations.


read our tips below on how to start in your remote new role successfully…


1. set up a call with your manager and your colleagues


You cant just bump into your colleagues whilst making a cup of tea anymore, so you need to make more of an effort to meet people virtually. Make sure that you call your manager and set up expectations on the way you will work, but also find out how the company works and what they expect of you. Make an effort to get involved in team virtual meetings and social calls.



2. prepare for a different type of onboarding


You will be having a lot of zoom/video calls in your first week and you also might just be told to jump straight into it as you won’t have the usual training processes in place. Try your hardest to go with the flow and to not get overwhelmed.



3. communication is key


Make sure you know how your team usually communicates; whether it’s zoom, slack or email, so you know the best way to get responses from them and so they don’t think you are ignoring them.





Manage your expectations from the beginning so you know where to stand and your boss knows what to expect from you. When you start, ask your boss for 30, 60 and 90 day goals, or perhaps you might set out weekly goals and daily updates so they can get an idea of what you are doing day-to-day.

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