how to negotiate your new salary

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how to negotiate your new salary

it can be very daunting to ask for a higher salary even when you believe that it’s what you are worth.


although it can be uncomfortable you have to stand your ground and make sure you know what you want.


Here are some tips on how to negotiate your new salary…


1. Make sure you know how much you are worth

Before you start, you need to research how much people with your roles in different companies get paid, to give you an idea of how much you should be asking for. You should also research the company you are applying at and see how much they pay compared to other employers and what packages they give.


2. Build your case

You can’t just ask for a certain amount of money and not back it up with your reason why. Have some clear points about why you are asking for that amount of money and what it is worth to them.


3. Be firm but flexible

Make sure you are not just rejecting everything that the company is offering you just because it may not meet the exact same amount of money you are ideally wanting. The company may be offering other perks which could make the package worth your while instead.


4. Be confident

Although it can be daunting to negotiate, make sure you are confident in your delivery of your pitch and negotiations so the other side know what you are doing.


5. Avoid accepting your first offer

Unless they come back with the offer that you want of course! Make sure that you really think about the offer which is being outlined and come back with a counter offer if you think it is suitable.


6. Take your time before accepting

It is a big decision to make and you are usually experiencing so many emotions at this time, so ask for 24-48 hours to think about it before you make any decisions.

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