how to have a successful job interview

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how to have a successful job interview

with everyone having to adapt to the current climate and video calling being the new way of life, job interviews have changed. 


video interviews are the new way forward, with many candidates not even meeting their new employer in person before being hired and starting their exciting new role. 


With that being said, a video interview is sometimes difficult to get across your full personality and your skills. 

So here are our top tips to make an impression in a Video Interview. 



1. have a professional background 


– Your employer doesn’t want to be distracted by something in the background, keep it plain and simple, the only thing that be standing out is you.



2. check your software and connection 


– You don’t want any unnecessary stressors so check your connection and software before you start your interview to make sure everything runs smoothly.



3. what to wear 


– Dress smartly as if you would to a normal interview. But if you do decide to not dress fully on the bottom, make sure they can’t see it… 



4. make sure you’re in a quiet place (no one will walk in on you during the interview) 


– We have all seen the television interviews with unwanted visitors walking in, yes you know the one 😉 Don’t be that person! Make sure the people around you are also prepped for your interview 



5. be engaged


– Nod and smile, let them know you’re interested



what employers look for 



1.answer the question 


– Don’t get distracted, make sure your answers are clear and concise



2. show creativity 


– This is your time to shine so go for it! 



3. be presentable 


– Like we said before, make sure you look the part. After all when you look good, you feel good



4. know your cv


– If you have accentuated certain areas on your CV or your recruitment agency has adapted it, in line with your experience, to make it more relevant for the role, make sure you read through your CV before the interview begins. You don’t want to fall at the first hurdle.

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