how to do well when talking to a recruiter

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how to do well when talking to a recruiter

sometimes it can be daunting talking to a recruiter as you don’t know whether they are testing you or helping you.


recruiters are there to help you find an amazing new job and to work with you (like your own personal job wingman or woman!). this means you have to work with recruiters and be honest with them from the get go.


Here are some tips to make sure you and your recruiter can work together, so they can find you your next amazing role.


1. Be Honest

Make sure you are honest with the recruiter. They know the role and the client’s requirements the best and they can help you the most if you let them know your real strengths and weaknesses. If you don’t know what you want your next role to be you can ask them this too. Just make sure you don’t say you can do something you can’t, because you will get caught out and it will hinder your relationship with the recruiter.


2. Be Flexible

If you already have a full-time job it can be difficult to find a time to talk to a recruiter. Try and be as flexible as possible to accommodate a normal time, so you can work easily together. A lot of the time recruiters can text or WhatsApp you, so it should be easy to quickly find a time to organise a call.


3. Know your CV

When recruiters speak to you, they are not trying to catch you out, they just want to gauge the type of person/worker you are, from now to your previous experiences. Make sure you know your CV and you are ready and happy to explain your different roles.


4. Be prepared to talk money

Discussing salaries and your current earning capabilities is very common as recruiters need to understand what you expect from the position (they are not mind readers.), so don’t be shocked or offended when they ask you this question. Be open and discuss what you would like to get out of your next role; remuneration and goal wise.

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