freelance or full-time in the beauty industry

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freelance or full-time in the beauty industry

So many of us have reflected on what it is we want out of life over the past year and our purposes may have changed due to COVID, much of which includes more flexibility at work…


For this reason, freelancing has become even more popular and this can be said across all industries, but today we’re reflecting on the beauty industry and the changes we are seeing.


Many of our candidates are tempted by the idea of freelancing; the flexibility of your hours, the unlimited working potential and the choice of individuals who you work with. Overall making your work life more independent.


For all these pros, it is also important to know the cons that can come along with freelancing whilst making an informed decision.


Here are some things which we at Chace People would advise you to think about:


1) financial uncertainty

When you freelance, you decide how much you earn and how to make your profit. You also have the added uncertainly of being selected for the job at hand and may find yourself up against a crowd of fellow freelancers, all competing for that one job! So, you may find it takes time to work your way up to having a good reputation and building up your client base. This may mean not having as many appointments and clients to begin with.


2) work-life balance

Because you are in charge of your own earnings, you will probably work more until you become more well known, and thus will end up taking any appointment out of fear to avoid rejection or loss of earnings. This means you may find yourself working all hours of the day and so you’ll need to consider the compromise on your social life.


3) being your own boss

Not only do you now have to find appointments and clients, you’ll also need to take charge of everything else… your stock, beds and equipments, towels, beauty products and more. This means not only do you have uncertain pay, but there are also upfront costs.


4) no permanent job benefits

Being freelance/self-employed also means no permanent job benefits, which includes; pensions, bonuses, health benefits, maternity/paternity leave, holiday and sick pay. This may make your decision harder, especially if you have dependents.


So, have we convinced you that you want to stick to a permanent job?


We have some incredible beauty and spa positions, here in the UK and globally, offering flexible working conditions, fantastic benefits and job security – get in touch with our team today to learn more and you can check out our job board here.

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