cv writing tips that will stand out to recruiters

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cv writing tips that will stand out to recruiters

on average recruiters take just 6 seconds to look at your cv, so it needs to be eye grabbing to them from the get go and that doesn’t necessarily mean the design.


take a look at our tips, that will stand out to recruiters so they will help you to get that job.



1. don’t waffle


A lot of larger companies will use ATS (applicant tracking system) software, so you need to make sure your CV will be properly recognised through the system. Make sure your wording is concise and to the point.



2. presentation


Presentation is key to make a recruiter want to read your CV for longer than 6 seconds. Make sure your CV is clearly presented and your key information is in the middle of the page because this is where the recruiters eye will initially go.



3. tailor you cv to the specific job


Make sure you have a generic CV and then duplicate it every time and amend it to the specific role you are applying for. This way you can easily adapt your CV to the specific role that you are applying for. You don’t want to send a general CV as this won’t get to the point quick enough, so make sure you adapt your bullet points to what will be required for the role. A good recruiter will guide you through this and will advise depending on the client and job you’re applying for.



4. keep your cv updated


If your role has adapted throughout your time in your current or previous jobs, make sure you put all your up-to-date bullet points as your role has developed. This will show people reading it that you have developed and learnt new things throughout your role.

Make sure you have all relevant bullet points that will apply to the job you are going for and always send an up-to-date CV to your recruiter.



5. include key words


Stay clear of overused clichés, make sure that everything is spelt correctly and keep everything positive. You don’t want to waste time on fancy words when someone will only look at your CV for such a short amount of time, so make sure every word they read is going to give them a clear picture of who you are.



6. take advice from recruiters


Recruiters see hundreds of CVs every day, they know what they are looking for and the key words and notes that should be on your CV. Be open to what they say and how you can improve your CV for the future.


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