What can I expect from your service?

At Chace we believe in service and we champion a personalised approach to hiring. We work to understand your business or home, the requirements of the role you’re looking to fill and the DNA of the perfect candidate profile. We don’t waste your time by pushing just any CV into the process. We’re attentive and results driven and it’s this approach which brings back our customers time and time again.

Okay, so what’s the process?

Tell us your brief and together we’ll work to define the perfect profile.

We research the market and using our specialised knowledge, expertise and extensive networks we source talent which matches your brief.

From here we manage the entire process, from submitting suitable applicants and fielding candidate questions, to interview and trial scheduling, to ensuring a transparent exchange from CV submission through to the final steps to hire.

Securing the Hire
Once all interviews are complete our team will support you with the job offer and any negotiations to ensure a successful result.

Why Chace People?

We’re a people focused and managed business, meaning real people working around the clock to fill your roles.

We’re experienced recruiters, bringing more than 35 years’ collectively of market insights and recruiting know-how.

We have a wide candidate reach through targeted headhunting and advertising, bringing tech and people together.

We’re transparent and organised, making sure all your expectations are met and only suitable candidates are put forward.

We save you time and we’re organised, offering a friendly, positive approach.

We offer different fee options to suit you and we’re flexible.

Do you interview and screen candidates before sending them to me?

In short, yes. Our team interviews every candidate we represent, so you can be safe with the knowledge that we will only send you people who we genuinely believe can fill your brief.

And will I pay – and be responsible – for background checks?

All Chace People candidates are fully vetted at the point of registration with the agency, meaning our team carry out a range of background and compliance checks such as; professional reference checking and DBS (criminal) screening upon request.

The costs of checks vary depending on the level of check required and the time taken for these checks to complete will also vary depending on the role and individual; generally, between 24 hours and 7 days.

Reference checks carried out are not chargeable and part of our standard service agreement.

What happens if the new hire leaves after I’ve paid your fee?

For permanent hires who may leave or who are let go, we offer a free replacement guarantee service, which ranges from 12-52 weeks from the candidates’ start date of employment. The length of time for this guarantee period depends on whether you engage the agency on a contingent, or retained search basis and these different options will be discussed with you upon engagement of services.

For temporary hires who may leave before the end of their contract, we will replace like for like at no extra cost. Please refer to our terms of business for more details, or get in touch with our team to find our more.

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