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LinkedIn is such a powerful tool when looking for new roles, if you want more information about how LinkedIn can work for you, check out last week’s blog post before reading on…


Part 2 will show you all the tips to improve your LinkedIn profile once you’re set up:


1. Profile Picture

Make sure you have a professional looking profile picture. Recruiters are more likely to look at you when you have a picture on your profile simply because it looks like you are more active and gives a visual, which is more appealing. Make sure it is just a picture of you and not a group photo and avoid filters…and selfies!

2. Write a headline about who you are

Make it easy for recruiters to see who you are and click on your profile to contact you. Make a sentence with key words about who you are, what your skills are and what roles you are looking for.

3. Include a summary

Think of this as a cover letter to anyone who can see it. Outline your best attributes, what you are looking for and why people should hire you. Keep it short, succinct and to the point. Try to include key words which recruiters would search for, because these will come up in their advanced searches.

4. Put in any work experience or courses

Make sure to add all your courses and work experience. Unlike a CV where you have to keep it short and to the point, on LinkedIn you can put everything you have ever done. This will show up in searches and make recruiters more likely to find you.

5. Get recommendations and Endorsements

Ask your friends, colleagues and network to endorse the skills and attributes you have put in your profile. This validates your profile to recruiters and makes them more likely to contact you.

Good luck! Browse our website for more tips, advice and Q&As, check-out the latest job openings and don’t gorget to follow us on LinkedIn.


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